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Your Premier Partner in Commercial Real Estate

CIC Realty is a dynamic commercial real estate firm with offices strategically located in Massachusetts and Boca Raton. With a close-knit team of seasoned professionals, we offer unparalleled expertise and comprehensive services, catering to properties throughout the entire East Coast.

At CIC Realty, we understand that real estate transactions demand meticulous attention and a deep understanding of the market. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, we are committed to providing you with top-notch service that exceeds expectations.


Why Choose CIC Realty


Extensive East Coast Coverage

Our reach extends far beyond Massachusetts and South Florida. We proudly service properties across the entire East Coast, from bustling cities to idyllic coastal towns. With our wide network of connections, we can bring you exclusive opportunities that fit your criteria.


Tailored Solutions for Clients

At  CIC Realty, we understand that every client is unique, with specific needs and goals. Our personalized approach ensures that we meticulously tailor our services to match your requirements, maximizing the value of your investments.


Expert Local Knowlege

Our team of real estate professionals boast intimate familiarity with each market we serve. From the evolving trends in Massachusetts to the burgeoning opportunities in Boca Raton, we have our finger on the pulse of the real estate landscape.


Diverse Portfolio Experience

Whether you're seeking prime commercial properties, lucrative investment opportunities, or properties with development potential, our extensive experience allows us to find the right solution for each individual.  Let us help you find the ideal property to meet your objectives.


Ethical and Transparent Practices

Integrity and transparency lie at the core of our values. You can trust us to guide you through the real estate process with honesty and clarity, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Meet The Team

Rick Barnes headshot

Richard Barnes


Richard Barnes, also known as Rick, embarked on his real estate journey by constructing and selling his first shopping center in the Dallas-Fort Worth region in 1978.  Over his 45-year career, he has excelled in developing, leasing, and selling income-generating real estate assets in major markets across the United States. As a specialist in commercial investment properties, Rick employs his ownership perspective to efficiently connect the needs of property buyers and sellers, facilitating seamless transactions.

During his career, Rick managed the creation of a $300 million national office and retail portfolio encompassing 1.4 million square feet, as well as spearheaded the redevelopment of a $120 million retail portfolio in New England for an institutional investor. His impressive project roster includes collaborations with renowned retailers like Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, and others.


Before establishing CIC Real Estate Group, Rick held roles such as senior associate at Cambridge Capital Advisors, Vice President of Capital Markets at Whelan Associates, LLC, and top producer at Sea Watch Realty, Inc. He also participated as an owner and partner in development projects with entities like Eastern Development, LLC, Atlantic Retail Properties, and The Woodmont Company of Fort Worth.


Rick's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Texas and graduate studies in Urban and Regional Planning. His extensive experience, industry acumen, and collaborative approach have made him a distinguished figure in the real estate field.

Florida Real Estate Broker License #BK3606474

Massachusetts Real Estate Broker License # 138521

Rhode Island Real Estate Broker License # REB.0018984

Jenna Compton Headshot

Jenna Compton

VP, Investing & Business Developemnt

Jenna Compton is a dynamic professional with a passion for commercial real estate, who leads investor relations and marketing for CIC.  With a diverse background in marketing and hospitality, coupled with experience in luxury super yacht operations, Jenna brings a unique perspective and skill set to her role in the real estate industry.


Professional Experience: Jenna's journey in the business world began at a young age.  As the daughter of a real estate developer and broker, she spent countless hours as a child absorbing market knowledge on every car ride and site visit, and then interned for her father in high school and college.  After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, she began her career in the realm of luxury hospitality, where she honed her skills in customer service, attention to detail, and marketing strategies.


Her experience running exclusive high class events followed by several years working on super yachts exposed her to high-net-worth individuals and cultivated her ability to deliver exceptional service in exclusive environments.


Transitioning into commercial real estate, Jenna quickly made her mark as a broker, leveraging her marketing expertise to effectively showcase properties and attract investors. Her innate understanding of client needs, coupled with her strong communication skills, has facilitated successful transactions and built lasting relationships within the industry.


Education: Jenna holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon. This comprehensive education equipped her with a solid foundation in business principles, finance, and strategic management, providing her with the tools to excel in her career.

Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson License # 9577549

Joey Compton Headshot

Joey Compton

VP, Property Management

With a career journey navigating the high seas as a former Superyachts captain, CIC’s head of property management, Joey Compton, brings a unique perspective to property management that's anchored in precision, dedication, and a deep understanding of what it takes to maintain excellence. His transition from commanding vessels to managing properties seamlessly bridges the worlds of luxury service and meticulous care.


Known for his unwavering attention to detail, Joey approaches property management with the finesse of a seasoned captain overseeing a ship. Every task is meticulously planned and executed to perfection, ensuring that each property under his management operates at its optimal capacity.


Joey embraces a management style that mirrors an owner's perspective. He treats each property as if it were his own, consistently striving to enhance its value and functionality while maintaining the highest standards of upkeep.


Joey’s exceptional communication skills are a hallmark of his approach. Whether liaising with property owners, tenants, or maintenance personnel, he fosters clear and open lines of communication to ensure that everyone's needs are met efficiently and effectively.


His prowess in client relations is unparalleled. Joey effortlessly builds rapport with property owners and tenants alike, cultivating strong relationships based on trust, reliability, and mutual respect. His warm demeanor and proactive approach make him a pleasure to work with, earning him a reputation as someone who is genuinely well-liked by all who interact with him.


Massachusetts Real Estate Salesperson License # 9580234

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